Our LGBT community accounts for the majority of smokers, according to a recent Surgeon General report.


These are some of the reasons thrown around:

– It's part of the gay culture and accepted in or around the bars and clubs we supposedly frequent.

– It's a response to the stress of a society that continues to discriminate.

– Smokers in our community and in general believe it looks sexy or it makes them feel sexy. 

Let's think about that last one.


Okay, maybe  an athletic gay girl with a lean muscular body and mesmerizing blue eyes, tight jeans and cool cowboy hat, casually leaning against an old barn,  taking a long drag from a Newport would be sexy as hell. No.

Smoking is not hot or sexy. 

We do know the relentless tobacco industry has been heavy handed in marketing the LGBT community by giving millions in false support of our values in return for a population that's sucking up its poison. Mass manipulation snags our LGBT youth who take up the smokes , many of them struggling with bullying, low self -esteem, depression and anxiety. 


Let's show the TITs ( tobacco industry tycoons) we are done sucking on their toxic products. We know smoking is uncool, stress producing, and debilitating. 

If smoking is your poison, Hypnosis is your powerful antidote. 

 Hypnosis gets to the heart of the habit by sneaking past the conscious mind and accessing the deeper mind where the habit lies. 

You know it's time to quit. You know all the reasons to quit. Now you only need to want to quit. 


Say "YES" to quitting, now.


Though you can't see me and you can't hear the voice that would guide you into a hypnotic trance, you can respond to words like you do when you are mesmerized by a great book. You can be entranced by relaxing, focusing, letting go.


Words are powerful.


Come with me in these next few paragraphs as I help you begin to rewire your mind with the power of  these "words."

Read through all the directions first, then decide to make the first step in changing your life here and now.


1. You are at a crossroads in your life. You are choosing a new path that leads to health.

2. Sit down and get comfortable, legs uncrossed, hands on your lap or beside you, neck supported.

3. Slow your breathing. Breathe deeply, slowly.

4. No one needs you now. No one wants anything from you now. This is your time to begin to change.

5. Relax… Find a spot in front of you , above eye level. Focus on it…let your mind begin to quiet down. Focus on that spot. Your eyes will be looking up, your head still…focus.

6. Your eyes are getting tired. It's okay to blink more, but keep your eyes open a bit longer as you focus and breathe slowly and relax….

7. You want to close your eyes. Close your eyes and just let go like you're a rag doll.

8. Loose, relaxed. Let go. Take whatever time you need to relax and let go. It feels good to have your eyes closed. 

9. As soon as you are so relaxed that your eyes want to remain closed, imagine yourself as a nonsmoker. 


Really see yourself with the habit gone. You look healthier because you are. 

Your lungs have recovered. You breathe better. Imagine breathing without any cough or struggle. Your hair and skin and clothes smell good. Your breath is fresh and that woman you love to kiss loves to kiss you now. 

You have more money. 

You have confidence because you said you were going to quit and you have. 

Be aware of how good you feel. Your confidence has soared. 

Imagine now that you are walking briskly up that path to health and your lungs are clear and the air is fresh…

Your hand goes up to your mouth, but the cigarette is gone replaced by a cold refreshing glass of water. Water is your new best friend. You find yourself craving water and the thought of water reminds you that the habit is washed away… The feel of water as you wash your hands; take a shower; swim in the lake or ocean reminds you that the habit is washed away. The sound of water dripping, flowing, or rushing into a shoreline reminds you the habit is washed away. 

You breathe deeply knowing you are changing your life as you unchain yourself, snuff out the habit .

You are free of it and with every beat of your heart, every breath you take, this suggestion becomes more real to you and as solid as stone. 


10. Count from "one to five" and when you reach the number 5 and believe you are a nonsmoker, open your eyes wide feeling energized and free. 


If you followed directions you have read through the above steps. You can read them again and when you are ready apply these steps and let your busy mind go; let your subconscious mind take in these suggestions. 

Decide now that you will be a nonsmoker.

You are taking a giant step to change your life for the better. 




Jan Lee CH, RN 


(this is not a complete hypnotic induction but an experience with self hypnosis for smoking cessation)


Positivity. Balance. For Life.