2 women walking hand in handThe Lesbian Health Action Group in conjunction with MICAH and QAHC are running a free healthy relationships workshop called Love Is… The workshop is for women who are same-sex attracted and is inclusive of trans women.

This healthy relationship workshop is specifically designed for women who are same-sex attracted and is inclusive of trans women.

The workshop is intended to help lesbian and trans* community members develop effective communication skills and gain some relationship self-awareness. The activities during the day will help participants unpack their personal boundaries, learn about consent and negotiation, and discover new ways to confidently navigate potential and existing relationships with lovers, family, and friends.

There will be a discussion on some of the unwritten rules and lesbian myths that influence how we engage with one another. You know the ones, like how lesbians bring their u-haul on the second date, how bisexuals are a big risk to date, that someone needs to wear the pants, all that stuff and nonsense.

Participants will be provided with a free lunch as the workshop will run from 11 am and finish at 2 pm.

What: Love is a workshop

Where: Caterpillar House, 111 Vulture Street, West End, QLD

When: 1st May 11am – 2pm

Space is limited so if you are interested please register with Evie by the 1st of May at [email protected] or call 3017 1733 between 10 am and 3 pm Monday to Friday.