rainbow fertilityOne of the first things an individual, or couple, undergoing fertility treatment, who may require donor sperm, will need to do is select a sperm donor, whether that be from a “known-donor” (personally know and have an existing relationship with the donor) or a “clinic-recruited donor” (identity unknown to the person undergoing treatment).

Having experienced a drastic shortage of locally clinic-recruited donor sperm within Australia over the recent years, it comes as a welcoming change to announce that Rainbow Fertility now has a large bank of safe sperm donors available for patients to access. Therefore, patients no longer have to go on a waiting list and can access the donor sperm immediately with no registration fees involved.

Using an unknown clinic-recruited sperm donor is a big decision to make. One, which we understand, must be made carefully. Below we aim to answer some of the key questions you may have in regards to using a locally clinic-recruited sperm donor.

Who are the donors?

Through Rainbow Fertility’s sperm donor program, couples/individuals can have access to a large database of locally clinic-recruited donors aged between 25-35, from all different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, ranging from Indian, Asian, and Caucasian.

Why are they donating?

In Australia, sperm donation must be altruistic and interestingly the majority of the donors have decided to donate because they have personally known someone who has and or is struggling with infertility.

What are the benefits of using Australian donor sperm in comparison to overseas donor sperm?

The main benefit of using a donor from within Australia is for the child born. Should the child wish to meet the donor when they are over 18, there is a greater likelihood of the donor being available and accessible.

Another reason is cost. Using a local donor is far more affordable than using a donor from overseas. While local clinic-recruited donor sperm can cost $900, overseas donor sperm can cost up to $1330.

What information about the donor can I have access to?

Individuals, or couples, who choose to use a clinic-recruited sperm donor, will be provided with a profile of the potential donor(s) consisting of non-identifying details such as physical characteristics, ethnicity, interests, education, and career, to help them select the one that is right for them.

Can I use the same donor more than once?

Clinic-recruited donors from Australia can donate up to no more than 10 recipients in VIC, QLD, SA, and 5 in NSW (this includes the donor and any current or former partner of the donor). If you wish to use the same donor more than once, it is important to let the clinic know. Our friendly staff will help you select a donor with whom this is possible.

 Does the donor have any legal rights towards the child?

Whilst in Australia, sperm donors have no legal rights towards the donor-conceived child, when the child reaches the age of 18 he/she will be able to access identifying information about the donor, should they wish to. To learn more please visit our pages on legal considerations:

Legal considerations for Lesbians.

Legal considerations for Gay Men.


Whether we are dealing with a known donor or a clinic-recruited donor, at Rainbow Fertility we strictly abide by Australian laws and all donors are required to undergo rigorous medical assessments, screening, consent forms, and counselling. The donated sperm is quarantined for a period of three months while the tests are undertaken

We understand that choosing a donor can be difficult. Therefore, we have a dedicated and experienced donor team to provide you with guidance and support throughout the process. Feel free to contact our friendly team on 1300 222 623 to learn more about our donor program and the fertility treatment options available to you.