It's A Trans WorldOlder women ask trans women the most googled questions about their experience.

Launched earlier this month on Four Nine’s websiteFacebookInstagram and YouTube, the ‘It’s a Trans World’ series explores what it’s really like to be transgender in 2019.

With new content to be published throughout February, Four Nine hope to inspire and educate those both within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community and to spark a conversation about the prejudices transgender people face.

The written interviews in the series focus on giving a platform to trailblazing trans women working in male-dominated industries, including politics, professional football, race car driving and the police force. As part of the series, Four Nine spoke with Patricia King, the first ever trans woman to serve in the US Army Infantry, where she discusses the positive contribution of trans people in the military and touches on the recent move to ban trans people from serving.

The videos in the series feature trans women sharing their knowledge and experiences, providing responses to questions some may be too afraid to ask. In the video ‘Older women ask trans women the most googled questions about their experience’ the trans women answer questions ranging from ‘what does being trans mean?’ to ‘what does a transgender person look like?’.

The third video in the series ‘Trans women teach older women trans terminology’ will give viewers a chance to better understand a community they may not have direct access to or contact with.