My name is Enrico, I’m 33 years old and it’s one year that I’m finally myself. I live in the north part of Italy, surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Music has always been a part of me, first as a passion, then as a job. Since I was 2 years old I’ve never stopped singing.

I love music, it makes me feel free … It makes me fly, it makes me dream…

Music was the soundtrack of all the good and bad times of my life and when I decided to begin the gender change, I almost lost it, but after tears and cries of despair, it’s still

a part of me.

I play guitar and piano, I write and compose my songs. 

Generally, I work in prestigious hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs in Italy and also in other European Countries.

I was born as a female, as a blond blue-eyed beautiful girl, but something was wrong with me. 

I felt uncomfortable for 30 years. When I was a child I used to play with toy cars and guns, I didn’t want to wear skirts

and I wanted short hair.

When I grow up I decided to start the journey within myself, to understand my feelings and to try to be happy.

This happened!

The road of transition has been long and hard, but I had the support of friends and family and I felt the love they gave me. So I became Enrico.

Now when I look at myself in the mirror, I recognize my face.