Follow the life of Rose, a young fighter in Thailand’s north-eastern region of Isaan.

VICE channel Fightland has written a powerful article about a transgender kickboxer, Rose. Hailing from a small rural town in Thailand, Rose has around 300 fights under her belt and has amassed a small army of loyal fans.

Kathoey is the Thai term for a transgender person, and in Thailand, the treatment of trans individual varies around the country – As for Rose, she also receives a mixed reception. She receives strong support and acceptance from her fans, friends, and family; however, it can be different and unpredictable outside of this community.

Whether it is rude comments from the audience, gamblers or her opponents in kickboxing, these disrespectful perceptions take a toll on Rose. She tries to ignore them and instead, embraces her identity as a trans individual and a kickboxer.

This strength and resilience is something to be truly admired.

Delve into the first-hand insights on what it means to be a young trans individual:
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