It’s worth being bi just for the punning potential”¦


1. Beware the bisexual beasts!

Bisexuals have an extra set of teeth, you know.


2. Responding to unwanted threesome requests is always full of comic potential.

A threesome is something that you generally work up to asking about. You know, once you’ve met the person you’re asking in the flesh and established at least a basic friendship. Not so on the internet, as most female-spectrum bi people who are out online will know…


3. Probably the best example of a bi celeb coming out.

Simple and to the point. I bet @intalianoexpresso wasn’t expecting that. Did I mention how much I love Bella Thorne?


4. We don’t actually have a gay/straight switch.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t flip from one to the other. Our bisexuality flows through every fibre of our being in an all-encompassing wave of purple sparkly unicorn magic.


5. Humans love binary categorization. Yawn.

Word. Not only do I have three cats, I also enjoy long walks with my neighbour’s dog. That’s not to say I also live with three girlfriends and go for occasional moonlit strolls with my boyfriend (although all power to anyone who does), but you get the point. You couldn’t take me to an animal pound and ask me to choose between a dog or cat before I walked through the door, because I honestly wouldn’t know which species the animal I fell in love with was going to be.


6. It’s amazing how blind some people can “B”.

It’s like pretending there’s no jam in a PB&J. No bacon in a BLT. What a world.


7. Definition is everything.

Don’t be lazy now, folks. I repeat, there is no on/off switch for two separate sides of our sexuality. We might be married to the woman of our dreams but still fantasize about Orlando Bloom. It’s just the same as sitting next to your girlfriend for an L Word binge and sharing a good look at Shane in the shower.


8. Those puns.

Nothing beats a parent pun. Especially when it arrives during a nerve-wracking experience like, you know, coming out. Or escaping from the cabinet, as some people prefer to call it. Ca-bi-net. Sorry (not sorry).


9. “Bisexual” isn’t the only “bi” word that gets people in a fluster.

Yep, I wouldn’t mind betting that this one generates its fair share of Google hits. You can look this one up in the dictionary, however, with minimum fuss. Unfortunately, the word “bisexual” – quite legitimately – still has people arguing over what its dictionary definition should be. Some say that it means “attraction to two genders”, others say it means “attraction to more than one gender”. Just to confuse matters, the Merriam-Webster defines bisexuality as either possessing characteristics of “both sexes”, or as “of, relating to, or characterized by sexual or romantic attraction to members of both sexes; also: engaging in sexual activity with partners of more than one gender.” And so the debate rages on…


10. We figured we’d end on a slightly more serious note…

Joking aside, there really are a lot more of us than you might think. We make up around 50% of the LGBT community, in fact. It would be swell if it was OK to bring a boyfriend to Pride without being seen as a traitor. Or to tell a potential date we’re bi without worrying that she’ll be put off. We might enjoy “straight privilege” on occasion, but most of the time we’re just really sick of hiding or defending our identities. Sound familiar?