Janelle Monae featuring Queen Erykah Badu

Top ballads for women who love more than one gender.

We all love having a groove to a song that reflects our sexual orientation.

The great thing about being bi is that you rarely have to change the pronouns in your favourite songs.

Here’s a list of the best anthems for women who love more than one gender!

1. In Or Out – Ani DiFranco

“I just want more than one membership to more than one club, because I owe my life to the people that I love.” This one’s definitely got to go right at the top. Ani lost a huge chunk of her fanbase when she married a man – but to her credit she just brazened it right out. A true legend.

2. Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover – Sophie B. Hawkins

Hawkins sings plaintively to a woman who is with a man, wishing – you guessed it – that she was her lover. We never find out if that “old dog” kept the object of Sophie’s desires “chained up” but let’s hope it had a happy ending. They were clearly meant to be together.

3. Cool For The Summer – Demi Lovato

“Take me down into your paradise, don’t be scared because I’m your body type.”  Lovato was very coy about this one but it’s clear what it’s about. I’m willing to bet there was some very warm topless tanning that summer… I bet they weren’t playing it that cool at all.

4. Baby Blue – Joan Jett

Everyone’s favourite kick-ass tomboy, let’s face it: “You know she plays the field. She ain’t concerned, oh, as long as it’s real.” And that’s the beauty of bisexuality. As long as it’s real, it’s good. Who cares about gender?

5. Te Amo – Rihanna

Then she said ‘Te amo’, then she put her hand around my waist. I told her no, she cried ‘Te amo’”. Rihanna is obviously a bit scared to be getting it on with another woman, but the lust is clear here. And she always has the best hair ever, so we’ve got to love her.

6. Q.U.E.E.N – Janelle Monae featuring Erykah Badu

“Baby, we in tuxedo groove, Monae and E. Badu.” I don’t know about you but that sounds like the perfect couple to me. Or at the very least it would be beautiful to watch.

7. Not Myself Tonight – Christina Aguilera

“I’m kissing all the boys and girls, someone call the doctor cause I lost my mind.” Once again, somebody sounds a bit scared to be exploring their bi side… but anyone sensible knows it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

8. I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry

Controversial one, this. No genuine bi chick enjoys hearing about bi-try stuff, but actually I don’t think it’s as bi-try as everyone thinks, to be honest. She really does sound like she’s thought about it and isn’t trying to use someone as an experiment. She liked that cherry chapstick a lot…

9. Stockings – Susanne Vega

“Do you know where friendship ends, and passion does begin? It’s between the binding of her stockings and her skin.” A lush lyric if ever I heard one. We know now that Marlene On The Wall was watching Susanne getting it on with some women as well as men. And maybe some people in between.