Work on the Big ScreenIf you have ever wanted to showcase your work in one of the world’s most highly regarded LGBTIQ film festivals, now is your chance to shine!

For 22 consecutive years, the Mardi Gras Film Festival is still ranked as one of Australia’s largest film-reviews festivals and one of the most highly regarded LGBTI film-reviews festivals on the globe.

Mardi Gras Film Festival is operated by the not-for-profit arts and community organisation, Queer Screen. Queer Screen showcases quality LGBTIQ film content and promotes diversity and inclusion in the community. Mardi Gras also runs initiatives to support and fund LGBTIQ filmmakers. Now is your chance to have your work involved with this beautiful festival!


PITCH DOCUMENT DEADLINE  – To be emailed to [email protected] Wednesday 29th October 2014

FINAL TRAILER DELIVERY DEADLINE – Rough cut by Friday, December 19th

Final amount (ready for release) Monday 5th of January 2015


For the talented filmmakers interested in submitting their work for this festival, the successful applicant is required to deliver a 30” commercial for use by Mardi Gras film-reviews Festival for TV, cinema, and online to promote the next event – MGFF2015. You may also supply additional edits to your application.


The body of the commercial

The first 25” is for you to insert your creativity and passion. Whatever that means for you, it must be:

  • •  High resolution, so it looks crisp, clear and professional even when projected on a full-size cinema screen. High production values.
  • •  Scaleable – so essential details are not lost even when viewed within a small window on a mobile device
  • •  Smart – our audience consists of intelligent consumers of culture who like to have their intelligence recognised and do not like being patronised.
  • •  Sexy – it must be appealing to the eye, in one way or another, to cut through the overloaded visual environment. We don’t mean porn; we mean pleasing. Witty and humorous also go well with the audience.
  • •  Inclusive – it should not exclude, alienate or offend people of any sexual preference or orientation, especially those that make up the rainbow coalition that attends our events. Test your idea against a variety of your friends or associates, and see how they find your content.
  • •  On time and budget – deadlines are not negotiable, and there are no acceptable excuses for non-delivery. We are giving you the maximum time we can use so that you can make the best possible product, but that leaves no wiggle room.
  • •   Post production support from a sponsor, TBC.

The last (approximately) five seconds of the piece must contain all of the following compulsory elements, presented for a duration and in a manner that allows them to be easily read at all sizes, including Facebook and YouTube window sizes:

  • Event Title – Mardi Gras Film Festival 2015
  • Dates – February 19th to March 5th
  • Website –
  • Strap line (if applicable)
  • Event logo (if applicable) – To be provided
  • Sponsor logos as required – To be confirmed


Make sure your production does not include nudity, sexism, racism, swearing, or anything that would stop a cinema or TV station from airing it. Use your best judgment.

PRODUCTION BUDGET – Pro bono – $2,500 for expenses (plus the possibility of post-production support)

DEADLINE – Rough Cut by December 20th. Final Cut is ready for release 5th of January. It is also recommended that you consult with MGFF during the production process.

The production team will also receive tickets to opening and closing night galas for Mardi Gras Film Festival as well as a pass to MGFF 2015

CONTACT: –       Paul Struthers

                             Festival Director

                             Mardi Gras film-reviews Festival

                             Phone – 0410835 269

                             Email – [email protected]