Check out one of Australia’s biggest LGBTQI film festivals!

From ballerinas to roller derby players, a sexy Sydney DJ on the run in the outback to a respected māhū (transgender) teacher in Honolulu, the 22nd Mardi Gras Film Festival will deliver the best in LGBTIQ cinema.

From Thursday 19 February to Thursday 5 March 2015 at Event Cinemas George Street, the Festival will showcase a wide range of passionate LGBTIQ cinema, both contemporary and classical, and from all corners of the globe. Amongst the teaser films alone, there are a number of premieres, award-winners and an Oscar contender.



Lyle, billed as “a lesbian Rosemary’s Baby”, stars indie darling Gaby Hoffmann as a pregnant lesbian whose first child dies while she is pregnant with her second, shattering her perfect life.

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Tru Love

The recently widowed Alice comes to spend time with her daughter, but instead forges an unlikely connection with Tru, a commitment-phobic lesbian.

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Anita’s Last Cha Cha

This delightful Filipino film set against the backdrop of a yearly fertility festival captures the magic of first love, and how a little cha-cha can make dreams come true.

All About E

A beautiful sexy DJ is forced to run when she stumbles on a bag of cash. Can she keep the money, conquer her demons, and get the girl?

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Transferred to a small seaside village for dating a woman, policewoman Young-nam encounters Do-heea, a disturbed young girl, and the pair begins to form a mysterious bond.

Life Partners

Two best friends, one gay and one straight try their luck with online dating. After one of the dates goes smoothly, the previously co-dependent pair see a dynamic shift in their bond.

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Sometimes a stranger is the best person to open up to. Troubled university student Caitlin and straight-laced Leah are two lost souls hiding secrets and fears they don’t want to face.

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This stunning and simple collection of stories paints a picture of the queer experience in Kenya that is not often seen and presents itself as a Kenya of sadness and hope.


A tormented, lesbian writer tracks down her writing idol in post-WWII Paris and sparks a passionate lifelong friendship as they both pursue freedom through writing.

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Derby Crazy Love

Shedding light on the adrenaline-filled roller derby world, this documentary looks at how femininity translates into a sport that comes with a side of booty blocking.

In the turn

When a 10-year-old transgender girl is denied the right to join local athletic teams, she discovers a queer collective of roller derby players and begins to find acceptance.

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Kumu Hina

Told through the lens of a Native Hawaiian transgender woman, learn about the struggle to maintain Pacific Island culture in a Westernised Hawaii.

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Out in the night

This film follows the individual stories of four lesbian girls and depicts a legal system steeped in misogyny, homophobia and racism that often fails us all.

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Queens & Cowboys: a straight year on the gay rodeo

After being unwelcome in the traditionally macho rodeo circuit, following the inspiring story of the sport’s LGBTIQ enthusiasts, they decided to create their own events in 1985.

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She’s beautiful when she’s angry

This documentary examines the beginnings of the liberation movement from the founding of NOW to the emergence of the radical W.I.T.C.H. and discusses how feminism has evolved.

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