2017 Mardi Gras Film Festival Announces First 10 FilmsQueer Screen has announced the first 10 films that will be screening during the 24th Mardi Gras Film Festival.

This year, Queer Screen is bringing an impressive list of films from the LGBTIQ film circuit along with award-winners from Berlin, Toronto and other A-list film festivals.

Starting on Wednesday 15 February, Queer Screen will showcase a wide range of passionate LGBTIQ cinema, both contemporary and classical, from around the world.  Among these teaser films are 8 Australian Premieres, award-winners and the sexiest lesbian film we have ever seen.

Festival Director Paul Struthers said, “By widening our search across the most influential film festivals, as well as the key LGBTIQ festivals, we know we are brining the very best of the best to Sydney. Interestingly, we can now do this as more LGBTIQ characters and storylines appear in mainstream movies.”

Paul highlights that while mainstream representation is very welcome it “can tend to be somewhat homogenous, which is why LGBTIQ film festivals like ours are so important to hold a mirror up and reflect the incredible diversity of our community–our guiding vision for this year is to tell as many queer stories as possible through the most diverse range of characters, stories and genres yet.”

Below Her Mouth

Lust, love and insatiable desire. The sexiest film of the year is here. Dallas isn’t built for relationships, having recently broken up with her girlfriend. A chance meeting with Jasmine causes an unexpected reaction as both their worlds are turned upside down. Below Her Mouth is an incredibly sexy and intimate film that celebrates female and lesbian sexuality like few before it. Filmed in Canada with a crew made up entirely of women, we are shown a fascinating erotic glimpse into the female gaze.

Political Animals

Prepare to be inspired to storm the streets and change the world as you get to know four formidable women who led from the front in the fight for LGBTIQ rights. Bound by being the first openly gay members of the California State Assembly, and their desire to leave a footprint on the world, these fierce women went from activists to elected officials. Combining insightful interviews with incredible archival footage, you will be engrossed by the achievements of these out and proud leaders of the LGBTIQ community

Bad Girl

Amy is the picture of teen rebellion, forced to move to rural Australia by her adoptive parents after a stint in juvenile detention. When the beautiful, mysterious Chloe appears, Amy begrudgingly befriends her and they push and break the boundaries of one another’s worlds. But something isn’t right about Chloe, and as this begins to affect Amy and dire consequences pile up around them, Amy is forced to protect herself and her family against this unstable new threat.



Suicide Kale Suicide Kale

Consider this your invite to one very strange get together! New lovers Jasmine and Penny visit their married friends Billie and Jordan for lunch. However, when they discover a mystery suicide note in the house, they decide to see which of their hosts wrote it. But now Billie and Jordan have two very suspicious-acting lunch mates and things get awkward fast! This award-winning dark comedy rests on the shoulders of its cast, and they deliver in spades. Who would’ve thought kale could be so entertaining!

Check It 

You want to meet the Check It crew. They’re a group of black LGBTIQ young people in Washington, DC who refuse to be bullied, and have banded together to stand up for themselves. The ones we meet in this documentary are hilarious, protective, angry, and have amazing style. With the assistance of an inspiring mentor, they have found an avenue that might just help them escape the dangerous world of gang life – fashion. Talk about fierce.