Scene from Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden
Scene from ‘Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden’

As both a viral web series and a compilation of seven separate feature film, “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden” follows the life of 18 young adults, of the last pre-Internet generation, as they grow up and get down in ’90s Washington, D.C.

Created by Otessa Ghadar, it has sparked a loyal following among fans in 145+ countries.
Much like Otessa, OJBG is thought-provoking, sincere (and a little wacky); it embodies the rebelliousness of the ’90s grunge era while tacking social issues that surround young adults across the globe, such as sexuality, identity, hive mind, and intolerance.
“OJBG” is a multi-award winner (Telly award & two-time Webby Honoree are the tip of the iceberg) and has been highly lauded by viewers and critics alike.
The Advocate, the Human Rights Campaign and others have recognized the show for making a positive contribution to the LGBT community.
The never before seen seventh installment “The Final Chapter”, about the Summer of 1997, is coming soon!