New 4 Part LGBTQ Mini Web Series 'As We Are'This 4 part LGBTQ mini-web series explores the complexities of attraction.

Coming out of England is a new 4-part LGBTQ mini-web series called As We Are. This comedy-drama is about love, friendship, identity, and the complexities of attraction.

Written and directed by Deborah Espect, As We Are follows Chloe as she travels to Brighton for a wee to look after her ex-girlfriend Robyn’s ca while Robyn goes to a conference with her new girlfriend.  While in Brighton, Chloe goes on internet dates with two very different women and meets Blake, Robyn’s neighbour, whom Robyn is quick to out to Chloe as a trans man.

It’s the first time that Chloe has ever knowingly met a person with a trans experience, and she finds herself attracted to Blake; but as a gay-identified woman, could it be that she doesn’t see him for who he is?

Deborah is an openly gay published novelist, playwright and award-winning screenwriter. For As We Are, she recruited a predominantly female, LGBT+ cast and crew. The show stars Jenny Harrold, Helen Oakleigh, and trans activist Fox Fisher.

Produced and distributed by Moggy Productions