Tough LoveThe highly anticipated third season gives queer women something to laugh about.

The first episode of the highly anticipated third season of Tough Love is now available to watch!

Creator Steven Bell successfully raised over $18,000 on Kickstarter and has spent the last year and a half making TV worthy LGBT comedy with Tough Love co-star Blaire Wendel.

Tough Love shines with its irreverent tone and brutal self deprecating humor. The series is a hilarious look at the lives of Steven and Blaire, two losers from Queens who just happen to be gay and can’t seem to get their shit together.

Episode 1 of the newest season focuses on Blaire’s deep denial that she has just been dumped by her first ever girlfriend. The episode follows Blaire around the city as she stalks her ex in an attempt to win her back.

Bell hopes that a lot of queer women will be able to relate to Blaire’s outrageous behavior. Bell describes Blaire as an enigma and says the character is motivated simply by her sexual appetite. “Blaire goes after what she wants in the moment and she leaves a mess trailing behind her wherever she goes.”