Still from 'Period Pieces'
Still from ‘Period Pieces’

This short form, comedic series aims to destigmatize menstruation in the media

The hit comedic web series Period Piece is returning for a second season.  Each video depicts women in different periods of history…having their periods. The first season had over one million views on YouTube and was chosen as a 2016 Official Selection by the Bushwick Film Festival.

Liliana Tandon got the idea for Period Piece over a fw glasses of wine with her friend. She hopes to use this short form, comedic web series to de-stigmatize menstruation in the media as well as to empower women to embrace their periods. Periods are something every girl should be comfortable talking about, laughing at, and owning.

Season 2 is now available to watch on YouTube with 100% of the ad revenue going to Planned Parenthood in lieu of the recent election.