Rachel Shelley (Helena of L Word fame) as Brooke in 'Different for Girls' (l)
Rachel Shelley (Helena of L Word fame) as Brooke in ‘Different for Girls’ (l)

Different For Girls could be another L Word, only this time the women are in their 30s and 40s, it’s set in London and it’s a 5 part web series.

It’s sure to change how we view lesbian TV shows in 2017.

Cam has just found out she’s pregnant, which under normal circumstances for a lesbian would mean celebration after months, or even years, of planning for a new arrival. Problem is, Cam’s girlfriend Fran doesn’t know she’s pregnant. Cam’s drunken one night stand with Tom her business partner, has left in her a very unenviable position, especially given that Tom is Fran’s twin brother!

Cam implores Gemma to tell Fran for her – after all, Gemma is Fran’s BFF and it would be better coming from her, rather than the woman she’s in love with. (Hmm… I think do your own dirty work Cam!) Gemma’s not so sure, and besides, she’s in the throes of a “can’t-keep-your-hands-off-one-another” new romance with Jude.  Meanwhile, Jude can barely conceal her resentment for Kirby, Gemma’s fiancée, engaged to Gemma as a front for his career where being gay would most definitely not be seen as an advantage.

Jude’s ex Nicola is now not-so-happily married to Brooke and the couple has two young daughters. Nicola drops everything to run to be a ‘good friend’ to Jude, while Brooke plays the role of the stay-at-home mum running the household.

This irks Brooke no end, but Nic always seems to have the perfect excuse to be spending time away from home. The couple also suffers from a case of the dreaded cliché “lesbian bed death” and the pilot certainly sets up the possibility of Nic casting a wandering eye over other available women.

We’ll soon meet all the kids – Jude has a son, Gemma has a daughter, as well as Brooke and Nic’s two girls, Fran’s brother Tom, gay best friends Rafe and Claude, the crazy Dasha and all the other characters that are involved in the lives of these London-based lesbians.

Written by Jacquie Lawrence, directed by Campbell X, produced by Fizz Milton and starring Rachel Shelley (Helena of L Word fame) as Brooke, Caroline Whitney Smith as Nicola, Guinevere Turner as Jude, Sarah Soetaert as Gemma, Victoria Broom as Fran and Tuyen Do as Cam, with music by Heather Peace – this is a lesbian web-series that will be over all too soon and you’ll be wishing for more episodes!