Cowgirl Up, an original lesbian comedy-western web series by the writer/producer of South of Nowhere.

ed the Double D Ranch where women can escape to learn how to cowgirl up with a descendent of Wyatt Earp, a/k/a Cricket Earp. The series follows the competition between the Red Team who are all experienced cowgirls and the rookie Blue Team

If you are feeling the Friday void left behind by end of Season 2 of “Wynonna Earp” and looking for something that is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, then look no further.

The first episode is titled The Good, the Bad, the Pretty. “You may come to the Double D Ranch as a tenderfoot, but you’ll leave as a full-fledged cowgirl. Kick up some dust and have some fun as two teams prepare for a weekend showdown of lesbian proportions.”

Not only is the writing funny, smart and entertaining, but the cast is all-star: Mandy Musgrave, Bridget McManus, Nikki Lindgren, Kodi Kitchen, Maribeth Monroe, Marnie Alton, Butch Jerinic, Shannan Leigh Reeve and Nicole Travolta.