Check Out MarcellaIn the mood for some UK noir with a healthy dose of lesbianism?

We all love a good Netflix binge, and lez-be honest, it’s that much sweeter when there’s solid sapphic content on our screen.

The LGBTQ+ section of your streaming service of choice is, probably, a little lacking. Lately though, that’s been slowly changing. The latest offering for our particular tastes is Marcella.

The show follows Marcella, a policewoman who leaves the force for the sake of her family.

She returns to her job after her husband leaves her anyway, and investigates a disturbingly familiar murder.

The UK show is grungy and complex. (Hot tip – Keep an eye out for Sascha Kyte and her partner Jo Jo)

Victoria Broom, who plays Sascha, summarises what we love about this show:

“The great thing about this show and Hans Rosenfeldt’s writing is that he doesn’t make any big deal about the gay characters or their relationships, it’s just part of the world of ‘Marcella’. That’s what I love about the show and character – no big deal is made by the fact they just happen to be gay”.

Normalized representation of queer relationships in media is something that’s appearing more, but it’s still not so widespread that we don’t get excited when a new show comes out!

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