A new housemate is thrown into the mix.

What happened last week? We met the six bi+ contestants at a villa in Barcelona. Michael went on his first ever date, while Daisie opened up to her date about her trust issues and he still checked out Leonnie in front of her.

Note: A lot of the dates in this episode had unisex names, so to avoid confusion I’ve noted their gender in brackets after their name.

Double Dates


Michael and Ryan are going on a double blind date and Ryan is pumped, but Michael is still a little nervous; especially because he doesn’t know who he’ll be meeting. Thankfully, Ryan is there to play the big brother and teach Michael how to flirt before their dates show up; reminding him that confidence is key. It’s adorable.

But when their dates Sam (M) and Charli (F) show up, Michael really didn’t need any help. He’s still a bit shy, but he’s more than able to hold his own during the conversation, even before the tequila shows up. Another awesome thing is that there’s no competition between the four; in private conversations, it turns out that Sam and Michael prefer each other, as do Charli and Ryan. Afterwards, Michael explains that the date went better than he thought it would and admits that Sam definitely gave him that “want to rip your clothes off feeling”.

Matt’s Date

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While Michael and Ryan are on their lunch date, Shane is helping Matt and Leonnie choose a date for the next day. Matt chooses the well-travelled Fredi (F), while Leonnie picks footballer Jamie (M).

Matt explains that he’s nervous about his date, especially given that he’s planning to tell her that he’s bisexual. As he heads to the date, his housemates gather around the TV to watch his date live.

Matt and Fredi appear to be getting on well and his housemates note that he hasn’t taken his eyes off her. Well, she is a pageant princess after all. Then, the topic of conversation moves to the type of person Matt usually goes for. He describes their ideal characteristics in a very gender-neutral way, mentioning that he likes someone who takes charge, has lighter colored hair, and is good in bed, which makes Fredi chuckle and call him a “naughty boy”.

From this, Fredi also gathers that Matt might be bi+, so she asks him directly and he confirms it. They have an honest talk about it and Fredi has the best reaction of all the dates – honesty not even batting an eyelid- which I’m happy about it. It even gives Ryan hope that not all girls are going to freak out when they hear that you’re bi. Also, they’re going to see each other again!

Leonnie’s Date

Leonnie is nervous about what to wear on the date – more nervous about what to wear than the fact that she hasn’t dated anyone for seven years – so she ropes Ryan and Daisie in to help her. Daisie offers her the sound advice: “wear knickers”, which is probably not the clothing critique that Leonnie was looking for, but it’s still good advice.

Leonnie admits that it’s been a long time since she was fully sober when meeting someone for a date, so she warns us that she’ll probably be a bit shy. Honestly though, you’d never be able to tell.

When asked what type of guys she normally goes for, Leonnie explains that she’s bisexual and Jamie wants to know how that works (i.e. do I have to worry about you checking out guys and girls?). Leonnie, who is fast becoming my fave person on this show, explains that it comes down to “trust”. Side note: Why do people keep asking bi+ people this? Be more confident that the person you’re on a date with likes you.

Now, the banter between the pair really begins when they decide to order some food. Jamie says he’s so hungry he’ll eat whatever’s in front of him and Leonnie jokingly asks if that includes her, but he blushes. Then, as they begin to look through the menu, Leonnie admits that she’s tried to be veggie, but she “always ends up with a sausage in [her] mouth”. Double entendre, anyone? They both end up in fits of laughter, but decide not to go on another date.

Pool Party and New Housemate


When Leonnie and Daisie are relaxing by the pool, Shane informs them that 1) there’s going to be a pool party tomorrow and 2) a massive surprise has just been dropped off at the house.

The surprise is the new housemate who was teased last week, London-based photographer Irene. She explains that she’s lived a predominantly straight life, just because its “easier”,  but she hopes to become more “comfortable” with her pansexuality over the course of the show.

This pan writer is incredibly excited for this representation, especially as the other housemates admit to not really being familiar with pansexuality. It will give Irene the chance to educate viewers while talking with her new housemates, but it could also mean that we’re getting some nonbinary representation in terms of Irene’s dates.

Michael admits that he’s nervous about seeing Sam again, so his housemates work together to grease the wheels as it were, with Daisie dropping massive hints about them spending time alone before ducking out of the conversation with a smile on her face. Luckily, they take her advice and it’s damn cute, with Michael initiating his first kiss.

Matt is disappointed when Fredi can’t make it to the pool party, but Daisie tries to cheer him up by saying that everything happens for a reason. Then, he meets a cute guy who puts a “massive smile” on his face.

The next episode promises a date for Mariella, two for Irene, and Matt getting to know his new love interest better.

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