Meet Rose from Real L Word
Rose in The Real L Word – Photo: Ondrea Barbe/SHOWTIME

Rose from the ‘Real L Word’ talks about coming out and LGBT culture…

The Real L Word’s Rose gives us her thoughts on LGBT culture and coming out to her strict Catholic family…

On Coming Out:

“My coming out story was a great one. When I was 19, I confided in my best friend. She told me she always knew. I wanted to tell my mother but feared my Puerto Rican Catholic family would disown me. My friend called my mother to ‘out’ me. To my surprise, my mother said she had a feeling (that I was a lesbian). She said I had her full support and that it was their loss if anyone in the family didn’t.”

On Today’s Culture:

“I came out in 1993, and I must tell you that it’s more accepting today. LGBT public figures and shows like (the original drama) ‘The L Word,’ ‘Queer as Folk,’ and ‘Modern Family’ gives our community a face and voice. It gives our youth something to identify with.”

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