Turanga Leela & Amy WongThe 15 animated couples you never knew you always wanted.

If we had our way here at Curve there would be a whole lot more queer representation on TV. While things are looking up with the addition of lesbian characters on series like Heroes as well as new series like Melrose Place including bi-sexual characters from the start. But that still doesn’t stop us from mentally populating the airwaves and pages with our fantasy lezzie couples. Here are the animated couples, from cartoons, video games and comics that we would pick if we ruled the world.


1. Turanga Leela & Amy Wong:

Seeing the ladies of Futurama, Leela and Amy (aka Gynecaladriel, queen of the water nymphos) making out in Bender’s Game shed a new and rainbow-coloured light on why Fry had so much trouble getting into Leela’s space pants.

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2. Lisa Simpson & Peppermint Patty:

Lisa the vegetarian feminist and future lesbian intelligentsia and jersey-sporting softball lesbo peanut Peppermint Patty are the cutest baby dyke couple—ever.


3. Meg Griffin & Daria:

Lesbian love was discovered in teenage social exile between the Family Guy outcast and MTV’s disarmingly bespeckled misanthrope.


4. Lara Croft & Jade:

Tomb Raider’s uber-femme needs a woman who can keep up with her on her adventures through exotic and mystical locales, and Beyond Good and Evil’s foxy tomboy Jade, a photojournalist who isn’t afraid to take on the alien hordes, is just the girl for the job.


5. Cat Woman & Cheetara:

DC Comics’ Cat Woman and Thundercat’s bow staff sporting Cheetara may be on different sides of the law but they’ll curl up together in the end—come on, they’re the purr-fect couple.


6. Rosie the Robot & Arcee:

When she isn’t spiffy-ing up the Jetson’s futuristic space pad Rosie spends her (powered) downtime with the Transformer’s hottest Autobot Arcee. Because, robo-dykes need love, too.


7. Wilma Flintstone & Betty Rubble:

Friends, neighbours and secret lovers—these prehistoric lesbos rock the bedrock and keep us in their neandra-thrall.


8. Dr Girlfriend & Natasha Fatale:

Stuck in dead-end relationships with incompetent super villains, The Venture Bros.’ Dr. Girlfriend and Rocky and Bullwinkle nemesis, Natasha Fatale, come together to commiserate, and stay to cohabitate.

Dr. Girlfriend & Natasha Fatale9. Casey Lynch & Jem:

It’s all beautiful music for Guitar Hero-ine Casey Lynch and ’80s cartoon rock star Jem, who make a truly, truly outrageous couple.



10. Jill Valentine & Sheva Alomar:

A couple of smoking hot zombie killers these Resident Evil hotties’ passion for dispatching the grotesquely undead is only rivalled by their passion for one another.

Jill Valentine & Sheva Alomar11. Zarana & Tank Girl:

G.I. Joe villainess Zarana and comic hero Tank Girl are two Aussie bad-asses who know their way around some heavy artillery, and bring the thunder from Down Under—if you know what we mean.


12. Velma & Daphne:

Something kept the mystery machine rocking, and it wasn’t Fred in his ridiculous orange ascot.


13. Wonder Woman & She-Ra:

An Amazon queen from an all-female island and He-mans’s princess of power sister, both with an affinity for fierce boots—need I go on?

14. Samus & Faye Valentine:

Metroid’s Samus and Cowboy Bebop’s anime it-girl Faye Valentine is just a couple of star-crossed space bounty hunters whose love for one another is—wait for it—out of this world!

Samus & Faye Valentine

15. Faith & Spider-Girl:

A rooftop romance between contraband parkour delivery maven, Mirrors Edge’s Faith and Marvel comic’s sex bomb arachnid—and yes, they are swingers.