Franky Doyle – Wentworth’s Bad Girl Turned Good
Nicole da Silva who plays top-dog Franky Doyle in Wentworth Prison

They said them, you loved them, we listed them.

We interviewed actress Nicole da Silva who plays top-dog Franky Doyle in Wentworth Prison, a modern reinvention of hit 80s TV Show Prisoner: Cell Block H. Doyle is famous for violence, those tattoos and the most quoted line of the show so far: “I don’t eat sausage, I’m a vagitarian.”

This got us thinking about other quotable lines from our favourite TV characters that we love to throw around. Here’s our pick. What did we miss? Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

1. “Lesbians can be very dangerous.” – Mr Healy, Orange is the New Black.

Danbury’s most vocal homophobe, Mr Healy spent much of the first two seasons on OITNB warning Piper off being “gay for the stay”. If it were up to Mr Healy the amount of Chapman/Vause action would be very limited; thankfully for everybody else concerned, it’s not.

2. “I have things to see, people to do.” – Frankie Alan, Lip Service.

A classic from one woman sex and destruction machine Frankie Alan makes our list for being the most illustrative character quote of the series. Frankie certainly was extremely “busy” during the show, we can imagine she used this line a lot.

3. “Have you ever noticed that every time Shane enters the room someone leaves crying?” – Bette Porter, The L Word.

Ah Shane, the character that inspired a thousand haircuts and broke the hearts of even more girls on the chart. She certainly made the show more exciting even if it did result in a trail of tears and disappointed women.

4. “Saying I love you is like a gun fight, if you draw first you better not miss.” Sam Murray, Lip Service.

Hot cop Sam Murray and handbag toting Cat gave Lip Service viewers the kind of gooey, mushy feelings that Frankie’s endless encounters never quite provided. Without providing spoilers on all kinds of levels, Sam – we were definitely rooting for you.

5. “Hey, that’s federal property!” “You’re federal property.” Guard and Piper Chapman, Orange is the New Black.

Piper was the least bad bad-girl television has ever seen in Seasons 1 and 2 of Orange is the New Black. She previously displayed similar levels of sass to a wet floor mop but hopefully, Season 3 will bring her a new set of slightly less awkward comebacks.

6. “There are same sex couples on every fucking street corner so you are gonna let us have both our names on the form and get our daughter to see a goddamn doctor you bureaucratic maggot.” Bette Porter, The L Word.

The Queen of cutting one-liners, sometimes we all need to be a little bit more Bette Porter. There is any number of Bette quotes to choose from and this one made our list for being a particularly great example of Bette kicking bigotry in the teeth.

7. “It’s a metaphor you potato with eyes.” Pennsatucky, Orange is the New Black.

Forever trying to be taken seriously yet remaining just a little bit too ridiculous, Pennsatucky provides endless comedic entertainment. Delivering potentially the most effective insult of the season, perhaps she could give Piper a lesson or two.