Another slick and thought prodding film-reviews from the mastermind of Trainspotting, Slum Dog Millionaire and 28 days later.

If you are looking for an edge of your seat psychological thriller with more twists and turns than a pretzel than look no further than Trance.

Danny Boyle, director of trainspotting, 28 days later, slum dog millionaire, has done it again with a stylish punch in the face film-reviews.

This  hyperstylised film-reviews set in London focuses closely on the  intertwined lives of three central characters all somehow involved in high end art robbery through at a fine art auction house.

Simon (James McAvoy) an employee at the auction house is in deep debt. Sheer desperation leads him to Frank (Vincent Cassel) a dangerous and powerful criminal. Simon does a deal with Frank to steal a Goya original worth upwards of 20 million pounds.

When the inside job goes sour with Simon copping a heavy blow to the head, he awakes bleeding and confused. Simon was the last person to have contact with the stolen painting and now he cannot recall what he has done with it .

Enter stage left The stunning Rosario Dawson as the hypnotherapist, Elizabeth Lamb,  that Frank hires to awaken Simon’s memory to lead him to the painting.

What follows is a fast paced, breathtaking ride examining the  powers of suggestion laced with deceipt, greed , trust and huge wallop of sexual tension.  As always Danny Boyle delivers the goods with this stylish, sexy and  abbrasive heist film-reviews with dark twists at every corner .

Trance gets 4 out of 5 stars from this little Rosario Dawson lover.