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The cast of ‘denizen’

Steel successfully screened three of her four feature films (“Blood Fare”, “Salvation”, and “Denizen”) at the Horror Realm Con film Festival in  Pittsburgh,  PA

Steel’s team walked away with the  Best FX Award for “Blood Fare”.  Steel, who usually doesn’t sit with audiences during screenings, actually sat through “Denizen” with the fans.  “I have a hard time sitting watching something, seeing the imperfections and not being able to fix them.  We have a lot of extra footage that we shot in Oklahoma.  I saw a lot of things I could have done differently and now I can,” Steel commented on her break from tradition.

“I see a lot of potentials to concisely retell the story using the web series formula to reach an international audience like independent film once did use the DVD format.  Dailymotion is the perfect platform for meeting new challenges in the independent filmmaking revolution.”

In “ Denizen” a group of scientists must stop a mysterious creature from attacking a small town.  Sierra Deacon’s (J.A. Steel) team, consisting of Dexter Maines (Ben Bayless) and Dallas Murphy (Jody Mullins), must help the locals led by Callie Calhoun (Julie Corgill) in saving the town from the creature that is killing the residents.  After several deaths, a special Army Unit, led by General Jernigan (Glen Jensen), is called in to contain the creature, and if necessary, destroy the town.  It becomes a race against time to stop the creature and prevent the town from being destroyed.

Through her company, Warrior Entertainment, J.A. Steel has produced the feature film “The Third Society”, “Salvation”, “Denizen” and most recently “Blood Fare” starring Gil Gerard and Michelle Wolff.  Steel is currently developing “Denizen 1.1” as the prequel to the “Denizen” storyline and welcomes fans’ and critics’ input.  Steel smiles, “This is the age of the internet.  If the fans express enough interest we’ll give them more of Team Denizen.  But, they’re going to have to tell me what they do and don’t like.”

Steel has even hinted at some new effects for “Denizen”.  On the Warrior, Entertainment team is Christian Koch, who recently took home the Best FX Award at Horror Realm for his work on “Blood Fare” and was on the original producing team for the “Denizen” Special Effects.  “We’ve learned a lot in the four years since we released “Denizen”…look for more boom in the director’s cut,” said Koch.

As the original feature, “Denizen” will be available on and through limited festival screenings.