The multiple award-winning short films, Love Is All You Need? helps spread the word of tolerance

Two years ago, in April 2013, a short film was leaked onto the Internet. Little did anyone know that this film would go viral within a matter of days. Love Is All You Need? that emotional, gut-wrenching, realistic short film that created a view of oppression from a different angle, will be created into a feature-length motion picture.

When writer/director K. Rocco Shields wrote the initial story, she wanted to expose the truth about the ongoing issue of bullying in schools.  Shields felt this would be a controversial way to do so and in doing this, hoped we could entice more people to ‘take notice’ of the ‘signs’ and perhaps prevent further pain and in some cases, avert fatalities.

In the short film, we follow 11-year old Ashley Curtis who falls in love with a boy. This goes against everything Ashley has learned in her life and she soon becomes the target of school bullying, with fatal repercussions. This powerful and confronting film has made an incredible impact upon millions of people worldwide, and fans have translated it into 15 different languages.

Love Is All You Need? is a movie about acceptance and not judging one another, because no one should ever feel alone,” says Lexi DiBenedetto, who played Ashley in the short version.“I personally believe this movie is exactly what young adults and teens need to be watching.”

“I can’t stress how important it is that kids, teachers and administrators have a chance to see a resource like Love Is All You Need?”, says Melora Sundt, Vice Dean Of Academic Programs University Southern California. “They get the chance to experience it, think about it and talk about it. That’s how change is going to happen.”

The full-length film will incorporate multiple characters and their storylines that will provide the audience with a chance to view ‘evidence’ of the absurdity of such cruelty and prejudice when exposed to ‘gay bashing’ in reverse.

Earlier this year GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) was confirmed to produce the feature-length Love Is All You Need.  The charitable 501c3 organization “From The Heart Productions” was confirmed as an official partner in support of the film and the funding campaign.

The production team is ready and eager to show the feature film in hopes it brings about more change. But they need help spreading the word in support of this project. Whether it is a cash donation, in which a 100% tax deduction is being offered, or spreading the word of the efforts being made to promote such an important film such as this one.