To Study Anatomy
The cast is led by Sharon Hinnendael as Zoe Peterson, and Jill Evyn as Mal Ford

Get ready for an anatomy lesson like no other!

Anatomy of a Love Seen, written and directed by Marina Rice Bader, was just released last year, and it is easily one of the best films produced in many, many years.

The cast is led by Sharon Hinnendael as Zoe Peterson, and Jill Evyn as Mal Ford. The acting from every actor is spectacular. They are perfect in their performances. It’s beautiful, it’s raw, and it’s real.

Zoe and Mal are actresses who met and fell in love while filming a lesbian love scene together. The connection is instant, it’s also very strong. The nature of their relationship is intense, to say the least.

After some time, though, the love fades. The intensity is still there, however it has redirected into intense anger and pain. For as quickly as it started, it died. They were each tremendously devastated. They part ways, and hope to never see each other again.

Until one fateful day when producer Kara Voss (played by Marina Rice Bader) calls them both up. She tells them that the film that brought them together was granted a television option. They are forced not only to work together, they are forced to recreate the love scene, to make it more appropriate for families watching it on TV. This is where the movie begins.

From the beginning, we see and experience the intensity of everyone’s emotions. There is tension, anger, anxiety, fear – nearly every conceivable emotion. People are angry, people are sad.  The filming seems to be doomed because of the raw feelings, mishaps on the set, and so on. They all muddle their way through and resume filming after lunch.

Now the tension grows. It is both passionate and irate. It seems as though every relationship (romantic, friendship, work- related friendship) is tested from here on out.  Everything crumbles, and seems to fall apart.

As the dust is settling, we are given the opportunity to see them moment when Zoe and Mal fall in love. It was beautiful to see a film end where it began.

The film moves quickly. It does not drag out at: you are engaged from the very first moment. The dialogue and performances are perfect. It is a beautifully portrayed story. The cinematography is equally impressive. From images of a move set being built to some of the most vulnerable and intimate moments in everyone’s life is gorgeous. Every facet of this movie is absolutely wonderful.  You completely believe that you are there on set, watching all of this transpire.

Anatomy of a Love Seen is a powerful and poignant film. This movie will send you on an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s worth every moment. This is an intense drama with an amazing ending, Anatomy of a Love Seen is arguably one of the best lesbian films available today.


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