Fandom is generally ignited through the intense and dynamic relationship between two characters in a TV show or Film.

Romantic subtext and “shipping” are obviously a big part of why people are drawn to certain Fandoms which is why there are hundreds of lesbian ‘canon’ fan fiction stories and videos made about ‘real’ pairings.
Still, there is nothing more tempting to a fanfic writer or a videographer than to feed the frenzy of ‘Non-canon’ pairings featuring characters who are not actually ‘together’.
 We at Curve Magazine want to build a home base for this fan fiction and videos so we are very excited to introduce Stefani Spencer who will curate and post the best fan-made canon and non-canon videos.  Let us know if we’ve missed any of your favourites so we can add more videos to the list.  Enjoy!

In case you haven’t been following the show these past two years, here’s what’s going on: Mulan (probably) was into Prince Phillip last season.

She (definitely) is into Princess Aurora this season.

All three actors portraying these characters are gorgeous, and the googly-eyed falling-in-love faces they make at each other on-screen are heartwarming and adorable.