The cast of the 'Push Girls'
The cast of the ‘Push Girls’

Getting to know its sapphic star of Sundance’s LGBT-inclusive and groundbreaking docu-series

Tiphany Adams was a 17-year-old high school senior who dreamed of becoming a model when a drunk driver going 130 mph crashed head-on into the car she and two of her friends were in. Both of her friends were killed in the collision, and Adams barely survived (initially, doctors gave her a 5 per cent chance of survival), suffering trauma to her spinal cord that left her paralysed from the waist down.

However, never one to be kept down for long, the remarkable Adams returned to school six months later, graduated with her class and successfully pursued a career in modelling and acting. Now, she and Angela Rockwood, Auti Angel and Mia Schaikewitz—all of whom are also paralysed—are the subjects of the Sundance Channel docu-series Push Girls, premiering June 4 on Sundance Channel.

The series, which is being touted as an unfiltered and unsentimental look at these women’s lives, promises to be an eye-opening experience. Adams assures us that the series will depict the broad spectrum of her life, from the familiar territory of L.A.’s lesbian dating scene to her close friendships with her inspiring castmates, and will even follow her back to her Northern California hometown to attend a high school reunion as well as visit—for the first time—the scene of her near-fatal car accident.

While there is no shortage of reality TV series these days, Push Girls offers us a fascinating insight into a misunderstood and underrepresented group that has needed a spokesperson—and the inspiring and lovely Adams is just the lesbian to do it.

Tiphany Adams
Tiphany Adams

When did you meet your Push Girls castmates?

I met Angela [four years ago] after I moved to Los Angeles. A friend invited me to lunch at her friend’s house, which was Angela’s. We decided to go out later, and that same night, I met Auto and Mia. We connected and have been friends ever since.

What misconceptions do you hope to dispel for the audience?

I hope to shatter stereotypes and let the world know that you can triumph through all the tragedies that fill you with despair. I believe in prayer and meditation—ask, and you shall receive. I choose to make an impact through love. With love, you can connect with everyone beyond the facade of the exterior.

Do you feel extra pressure to represent the LGBT community?

No, more than anything, I am thankful to be a part of such a loving community that supports peace, love, and equality.

Did you have any concerns about coming out on TV?

No, and yes. I was slightly hesitant because I have nieces and nephews from a small town, and I don’t want them to be outcasts due to my sexual orientation. But at the end of the day, I have to be me, and I know I am a fantastic aunt, and my family loves me, regardless.

Is your romantic life something the series explores?  

Yes, romantic excursions may be on the horizon. I am dating.

What other aspects of your life are portrayed in the series?

I revisit the accident scene for the first time. I’m exploring different depths of myself, following my career paths and my love for health and fitness.

Adams (left) and Mia Schaikewitz
Adams (left) and Mia Schaikewitz



What was the most challenging part of having your life on camera?

Nothing is too challenging when you believe anything is possible, as long as you have faith. I guess the only bump in the road would be with labels. People put too much emphasis on categorising individuals. I am full of love. I will not label my sexual orientation or allow people to put me in a box. I enjoy and love people for who they are on a soul-to-soul level and not [because of] their race or gender.

What has been the most rewarding part?

The most rewarding part is that letting the world see my true colours has been liberating. I am thankful that I get the opportunity to share my journey with people. We all go through similar experiences, but we each respond differently. The beauty is that I get to share how I deal with life.

Do you have a personal motto?

My motto is to be the light to those in darkness and the hope to those lost in despair.


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