mariela01The new documentary debuts Monday, November 28.

After decades of persecution and neglect, Cuba’s LGBT community finds itself in the midst of a new struggle—the fight for equality.

The leader of this uprising is Mariela Castro, charismatic daughter of President Raúl Castro and a member of Cuba’s National Assembly, who uses her passion and pedigree to promote acceptance in the face of prejudice.

Mariela Castro’s March: Cuba’s LGBT Revolution is the newest documentary on HBO. It follows Castro and her LGBT supporters as they spread their universal message of equality across the country.

                                                    Rosalino Ramos/HBO

Directed by Jon Alpert, the documentary spotlights gay, lesbian and trans activists through revealing stories of pain, love, strength and perseverance, all told against a rapidly changing social and political backdrop.

Mariela Castro’s March will debut on HBO Monday, November 28 at 9PM ET.

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