2 pair of naked legs in bed It’s a lesbian love fest on our screens.

As you likely already know, 2018 was an incredible year for LGBTQ+ representation on our TV screens, which meant that we got to see more badass/cute/sweet/hot/real depictions of women who love women on our TV screens.

Now, I’ve previously written about the best wlw couples who were cruelly ripped apart by heartless executives (I might still take Tara’s death in Buffy a little too personally!) and those who beat the odds and survived past the end of their shows (I cried at the Brittana wedding scene; ngl). But this time, I decided to celebrate the lady love that is still on our screens today and share with you my favorite current female pairings on TV.

There are, of course, spoilers ahead.

Waverly and Nicole (Wynonna Earp)

It’s been a joy to watch Waverly and Nicole’s relationship develop over the past three seasons, especially as Waverly thought she was straight at the beginning, but perhaps the best part is seeing time and time again what they are willing to do to defend and protect their love.

(Now, I know what you’re thinking. At the end of season three, almost all of the Purgatory population, including Waverly and Nicole, disappeared, but season four is due at some point this year and I’m certain that WayHaught will be back on our screens.)

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Emma and Cruz (Vida)

Emma has built up a series of walls to keep anyone from getting close since she was rejected by her mother and she always has to be in control of the situation, but with Cruz, things are different. Cruz is teasing out a softer, gentler side of Emma, which is what Emma wants and needs, even if she won’t admit it.

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Molly and Luna (Burden of Truth)

When Molly and her teammates start having fits, there’s strong evidence that toxic waste dumped near their practice field could be the cause. But when the girls begin a legal fight to get justice, the powerful lawyers for the company cited in the lawsuit try to use Molly’s sexuality against her.

Despite legal tricks, serious illnesses, and a whole host of other family drama, Molly and Luna pull through together. Now, in the second season, it’s up to Molly to support Luna as she fights to get her birth father (and all-around asshole) punished for the statutory rape of her mother.

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Sapphire and Ruby (Steven Universe)

Sapphire is the calming blue waters to Ruby’s red-hot passion and the two complement each other perfectly in this delightfully progressive kids’ show. They’ve been through a lot together, including a brief break-up in an argument over Pearl, but nothing can tear them apart for too long. Then, in 2018, they got married, with the titular Steven acting as the minister.

(As a sweet aside, my four-year-old nephew watches Stephen Universe and when he first saw Sapphire and Ruby kiss, his mom said he pointed at the TV and said my name, which is how we ended up watching it whenever I babysit.)

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Nico and Karolina (Runaways)

While season one was filled with the kind of will-they-wont-they tension that you could cut with a knife, by season two Nico and Karolina’s relationship is established and they’re settling into their new home (and sharing a room).

Yes, they’re still struggling to navigate their relationship (and occasionally snapping at each other), but they’re teenagers trying to save the world; what more can we ask of them?

Yolanda and Arthie, G.L.O.W.

Yolanda was out and proud from the start, but Arthie, who identified as straight, spent the majority of season two wrestling (get it?) with her feelings for Yolanda. (And if you think it’s hard to keep your crush under wraps, imagine if you actually had to wrestle them.) Then, they kissed. During a live match. On national TV. No big deal.

Hen and Karen (9-1-1)

In the past one-and-a-half seasons, these two have been through the wringer; mainly because Hen’s ex Eva was determined to get her back or destroy her life upon release from prison.

So far, Eva has convinced Hen to sleep with her (I know, it takes two to tango), tried to get their son Denny  taken away by the birth father Nathan (who unlike Eva didn’t sever his parental rights), and even get social services to remove Denny claiming that Hen and Karen’s house is unstable.

Thankfully for Hen, Karen is a saint.

Also, a special shout out to Mel and Niko from Charmed because I’m not sure their relationship is over for good. Mel might have rewritten time and wiped herself from Niko’s memory to protect her girlfriend from a shape-shifting demon. But Mel could reverse the spell if the threat goes away, right? Don’t break my heart!