Queer Screen has been serving up queer film-reviews events such as Mardi Gras film-reviews Festival, QueerDOC and My Queer Career for years, delivering queer cultural events that inspire and entertain the community, but they can’t do it alone

Dig deep to help Queer Screen help queer film-reviewsmakers.

The Queer Screen annual fundraising drive is now on and they hope to raise $50,000 by June 30, 2010. Money raised will go towards the soon to be launched Queer Screen script development lab. For the rest of their operating costs Queer Screen relies on ticket sales, memberships and the generous donations from supporters in the community.

This year Queer Screen invites you to engage with their donations drive in one of two ways; donate what you can to help them produce events they know you'll love or, get further involved by being in the first 100 to donate $200 or more.

'This year we are trying something different.' says Queer Screen General Manager Jain Moralee.  'We want to increase our dialogue with our members and supporters, build and strengthen our relationships with the community and grow our program in ways which remain culturally and artistically pertinent.'

If you are in a financial position to give a little or give a lot, to please visit their website before June 30.

All donations made to Queer Screen above $2 are tax deductible