This not-to-be-missed speaking series is once again gearing up for a night of connecting, sharing and accepting on Wednesday November 23rd.

The Women Say Something speaking series takes exceptional panels of women who meet in the style of “The View” to talk, debate and ponder what really matters today in our many diverse communities. The event began during the 2011 Mardi Gras season. It was a joint event between NMG, The Femme guild, Dykes on Bikes and Lemons with a Twist. It sold out in February at the Columbian hotel, and again with V2.0 in August at Slide.

It takes on many of the challenges that women still face in overcoming adversity and version three of this event will not disappoint with its theme centering around feminism: Is it still important? Is it relevant today? Why do so many women reject the word? Is it possible for a man to be a feminist? Panelists for the November event include queer performance artist Fancy Piece, Australian Legend and Feminist Eva Cox, trans activist Andrew Guy, public educator and DJ Mel “Feisty” Fitzpatrick, Flying Bats president Danielle Warby, the 18 year-old founder of the “wear it purple” campaign Katherine Hudson and Shauna Jensen, community hero and singer . The event is MC’d by DJ Kate Monroe.

The event will be conducted in two sessions with a dinner break in-between where live acoustic music will be performed by Sam Buckingham. Tickets are available for the panel and dinner for $50 (group bookings of 6 or more at $45 each), for the panel only at $20 through As always, Women Say Something keeps a reserve of panel tickets on the door for those who can only pay what they can afford. This keeps the event true to its core values of inclusiveness and accessibility. Simple turn up on the night.

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To hear more about Women Say Something, check out this video from last year’s event: