Unpacking FemmeUnpacking Femme: A conference to explore “Femme” beyond image and identity.

Sydney Femme Guild welcomes femmes and femme-allies to their second conference “Unpacking Femme” to explore and celebrate all kinds of femme experience and expressions.

A gathering where understanding, thinking and exchange can happen, and where there is impetus for action.  “Unpacking Femme” aims to honour and strengthen what’s working, and act for change where it’s needed.

The Sydney Femme Guild, founded in 2009, is a queer, feminist collective of Femmes committed to building community connection, fostering femme friendship and raising femme visibility in queer and wider communities.  The Sydney Femme Guild works for safer community spaces, education, celebration, activism, and social connection for femmes and allies within Sydney and beyond.

Femme Guild runs its own fundraising activities, and is also grateful to City of Sydney and ACON for sponsorship support.

Be amongst Femme activists, creatives, academics and collaborators presenting a wide range of experiences, ideas and topics “Unpacking Femme”, from local, interstate and international femme community and allies.  Join us for a low cost, community run, femme focussed program to explore the realities and the possibilities of Femme.

Friday evening will include keynote speakers and panel discussions. Saturday will be a packed day of concurrent sessions for workshops, panels, skill-shares, discussion groups and more.

Key Note Speakers include:

  • Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (CAN)
  • Amber Hollibaugh (USA)
  • Kath Duncan (AUS)

Themes that will be explored include: “Desire, danger and revolutionary femme dreams; a queer disabled femme of colour”, “You Can never be too femme or too smart; body politics and the vistas of desire”. The workshops ranging from topics as diverse as sex workers changing the world, the media depiction of trans women’s femininity and sewing machine maintenance and sewing tips – something for every femme out there.