We have to believe we are magic, nothing can stand in our way. And nothing will be standing in the way of a great night’s entertainment for a good cause when Twenty10 recreates the glory of Xanadu at the Red Rattler.


Performers for the night include Glitter Supernova, Xavier Moustache, Jade Starr, Zoofi, Leo D’Lush, Sister Muscle Mary & Barry. Music will be provided by DJ Matt Vaughan and DJ Huckleberry Spin with videos by Stainless.

And to top it off, there will be Gogo Bears and Derby Grrls on skates.

This is a strictly over 18s event for the supporters of Twenty10. Money raised will help support Twenty10’s busy drop-in centre in Newtown.

Tickets can be purchased through Daisy Tickets www.daisytickets.com.