A new exhibition combines art and activism around trans identity.

It’s time for trans visibility in contemporary art! The first international trans artists show hits Montreal with spectacular images, September 25-October 2. Conceived and executed by curator Ianna Book in collaboration with Virginie Jourdain and Marie-Claude G. Olivier, the exhibition will feature works by artists including Amos Mac, New York, Alec Butler, Toronto, Heather Cassils, Los Angeles, Leon Mostovoy, Los Angeles, Sam B. Atman & bruce, Paris, Yishay Garbasz, Berlin, and many others.

TRANS TIME creates a space of visibility bringing together local and international trans* artists. The exhibition is multimedia, juxtaposing video, photography, installation and performance. In conjunction with the exhibition, a participatory work by Leon Mostovoy will take place.

TRANS TIME is the first collective trans exhibition in Montreal, a city known for its diversity and public artistic expression. The exhibition will create a non-hierarchical space for emerging and established artists, who were selected through the principle of trans-self-determination. (Note: Trans* refers to the principle of self-determination for those who identify as trans.)

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
5PM: Artist presentations
7 PM: Vernissage and performances

Galerie L’espace créatifâ
2031 Parthenais, Montréal, QC, Canada
Free entry
Monday: closed
Tuesday to Friday: 11 AM to 6 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 11 AM to 5 PM