Poster of Queer Geeks of OzArmageddon is very proud to present the VERY 1st ever LGBTIQ Panel at a major Popular Culture Convention, which will be held Saturday, October 19th at 3 pm on the film Ink Stage.

In this panel, we will gather Queer Geeks from comic creators to TV writers to video gamers to developers and more to discuss with fans the role LGBTIQ have in our beloved pop culture and how we contribute, and basically talk about why we are passionate about the Geekie things we love!

It’s a panel to support and encourage diversity in Geek culture and to be a voice for LGBTIQ Geeks and Nerds in Australia! We promote diversity, inclusiveness, equality and Gay Zombie unicorns in Geek culture for all Aussies to enjoy!

Sci-fi and Squeam (the presenters of the panel) is almost 4 years of age, our toddler years, but as Geeks, we are proud and stand united and as LGBTIQ people we are just as proud of achievements that Queer Geeks have made in genre including science fiction and horror, video games and comics too!

We cover as many Pop Culture events and happenings every week, live to air , on JOY 94.9 Australia’s only 24/7 LGBTIQ radio broadcaster, and where possible LGBTIQ events and news and themes in Oz and from around the world, stories that impact us as a community!

The Panel Presenters:

  • Broadcaster, Screenwriter and Dr Who enthusiast – John Richards
  • Award-winning Queer film-reviews maker and massive Batman geek and Wizard of Oz fan – Lee Galea
  • Horror fan and Gaymer from the A-Z of Horror segment on Sci-fi and Squeam – Bailey O’Neill
  • Gaymer and Broadcaster from Generation Next on Joy 94.9 and Queer Young Things on Bent TV Ch31 – Dyl Adler AKA DylStick Gaymer and Games Developer – Luke Miller and the Squeamer ( Sonja ) from Joy 94.9’s LGBTIQ genre Geek radio show: Sci-fi and Squeam as M.C!

For more information about the panel, visit the FACEBOOK page or the WEBSITE