La Chix cocktailLaChiX is a lesbian meet up group that runs fun networking events for lesbians over 30 in Sydney.

Just because you’re a gay lady, doesn’t mean that you automatically have gay friends.

In fact, it can be super hard to make fellow queer lady friends, especially if you’re not a) in your twenties and b) into clubbing and bars.

But if you are queer, having a queer family is not only fun but also really good for your mental health. It can be so isolating being the only non-straight person in your friendship group and/or workplace.

The group’s founder, Louise Fisher, says, “If you are looking for fun stuff to do with a great bunch of women, this is the group for you. It’s a brilliant way to meet new friends and connect with like-minded women.”

She lists the central reasons that interested women should get involved:

  • To remind us all how great it feels to connect (face to face) with friends and community and not just through social media.
  • To create more opportunities for belly laughs with your friends. We don’t laugh enough and it always feels so good.
  • To enjoy having some time out for yourself to create a balance between work and play.
  • To practice having actual conversations and not via a keyboard.
  • To remind us how important friendship is, and that an emoji hug (as cute as it is) will never be as warm or reassuring as the real thing.

In June, LaChiX held an exclusive all lesbian Vivid Cruise which went off with a bang and was a huge success. They are now hosting monthly drinks at Madame Shanghai in Darlinghurst. The next is on Friday, July 14, and then every second Friday of the month.

Louise concludes, “We’re a great bunch of warm, welcoming women who are open-minded, accepting and friendly and we’d love for you to join our group!”