Sydney Pride FestivalTo celebrate Pride Month in Australia Sydney Pride Festival 2020 launches “Love Stream” a month long series of local events you can watch online from  4th June until 30th June.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic impacts being felt around the world, and international events being postponed or cancelled, means the LGBTQIA community has had to rethink the global PRIDE celebrations, with many being moved to online platforms.

Glenn Hansen from Sydney’s Stonewall, and LOVE STREAM convenor says that in a time when the LGBTQIA community cannot be together to remember the History and celebrate Sydney Pride the aim is to “integrate our community together online.” Sydney Pride Festival is a grassroots festival and a time to pass on the history and raise awareness and education of our LGBTQI Charities.

“This year we will be putting the focus on how we have changed through the COVID Pandemic and emphasise that our online community has now become more important than ever.” says Hansen.

Sydney Pride Festival 2020 will remember the pursuit for acceptance and total equality for all our LGBTQIA brothers and sisters. Sydney Pride can reach out and help those struggling with sexual identity, bullying, drugs or just feeling that life is too hard to stand strong and ask for help.

“Connecting together in Solidarity. This is Love Stream Pride!” says Hansen.

Sydney Pride Festival is a not for profit event which supports a wide range of LGBTQIA charities, organisations and businesses.

Sydney Pride Festival 2020’s website  – will include a calendar of events along with links for where you can watch them.

Events include talks, documentaries, health and fitness classes, education sessions, Love Bingo, life drawing classes, drag shows, by request shows, live streaming from venues, drag queen children’s story time, a short story competition, international guests, lunch time entertainment, Pride Run, movie & TV recommendations.

On 27th June Australia will also take part in Global Pride 2020 – a 24 hour online international celebration of Pride Month
Global Pride 2020 will announce in early June the platform on which the event will be streamed. Follow Global Pride 2020 on Facebook to receive updates.


“This is a time to remember the Stonewall Riots and the beginning of Gay liberation as it’s now known. The Sydney Pride festival is dedicated to those that led the way back in 1969, who fought for equality and human rights and the incredible strength of our friends who marched in the first Sydney Mardi Gras in 1978.”