Of Thrones Float Symbolises Unity At Mardi Gras 2016The diverse houses of Mardi Gras will show the Noble Houses of Westeros how to put differences aside and be stronger together.

The Sydney Mardi Gras Parade will turn medieval on 5 March 2016 with the Of Thrones float.

The Diverse House of Mardi Gras, including House of Hedonism, House of Desire and Lusty Lesbians, accompanied by three giant smoke breathing dragons, will lay down their swords and march in harmony to claim the Iron Cock Throne together.

The inspiration for the float comes from Mardi Gras’ season theme, Momentum: Stronger Together and the hit TV series Game of Thrones, in which the Noble Houses of Westeros live in perpetual disharmony; disrespecting, betraying and ultimately destroying each other in a fight for the Iron Throne.

Operations Manager of float design, Dawn Inanli, said, “The of Thrones float aims to illustrate that each House of Diversity has its own individual yet equally valuable set of strengths and sensualities. By respecting, not rejecting differences, and by combining, not competing forces, we can drive momentum, be ‘stronger together’ and share our great kingdom in harmony.”