Feast Festival2016 Celebrates LoveThis simple yet powerful image has everyone celebrating love.

This year, a community favourite was revived for Feast Festival. The popular Poster competition invites artists, graphic designers, and members of community arts groups to enter. It encourages the community to participate in a creative way.

This year, the artists were given three different themes to choose from: Express Yourself, Fight For Your Rights, and Celebrate Love.

Erick Lima, an architecture student from the University of South Australia, has been named the winner with his design and interpretation of the ‘Celebrate Love’ theme. Lima was chosen by a panel of judges and received a cash prize of $800 courtesy of SAMESH.

The judges were extremely impressed with the entries. Executive Director of Arts South Australia Peter Louca said, “It was very difficult to pick my top three, but I liked this design because it’s a clear, simple, bold statement of love and inclusion.”

Erick’s winning design will be featured on the 2016 program cover with ‘Celebrate Love’ as the overall theme of the Festival. He will also have the opportunity to work with Feast Festival for the rest of the year.

General Manager of SALA, Penny Griggs added, “It was great to see the effort and creativity that went into each entry. I was particularly drawn to Erick’s entry, as the chosen theme of ‘celebrate love’ was reflected so beautifully in the overall design.

About his creative thought process behind the simple yet powerful design, Erick said, “The heart is the universal symbol of love and the colour white is often associated with purity, innocence and light, so the white heart acts like a spectrum that exudes the rainbow love that unites us all.”

Feast Festival runs from 21 October to 6 November 2016.

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