Vitalstatistix Presents Her Story #2 featuring Catherine FitzgeraldVitalstatistix is presenting HER STORY hosted by the artistic leaders from our thirty-year history.

As a full set or as a solo experience, HER STORY is a delightful, personal glimpse into Adelaide’s feminist theatre history and the story of Vitalstatistix.

For the uninitiated, Vitalstatistix is a boutique producer and presenter of contemporary theatre and interdisciplinary arts projects based in Adelaide. The production company has a proud and continuing tradition of supporting works from a feminist perspective and supporting women artists.

Vitalstatistix are pleased to announce the second installment of the HER STORY series, featuring Catherine Fitzgerald (Artistic Director of Vitalstatistix from 1996 -2002). The installment is also proud to be a part of the “About Time: South Australia’s History Festival”.

During Catherine’s time Vitalstatistix commissioned, developed and produced over forty new projects including premiere productions, events, national and international tours, developments and play readings.

Vitalstatistix forged ahead as the National Women’s Theatre, where women writers, directors, designers, actors and arts workers made award-winning work that changed the face of theatre nationally by putting women central to the narrative. Rodeo Noir, The Doctor Lesson of Doctor Ruysch, Titbits!, Bull Bar Tours, Bananas, The Doris Day Dances, Feast Dinners (FISH), Winter Play Readings, Svetlana in Slingbacks, Jennifer in Security, My Vicious Angel, Whispering Demons, Spool Time, Carrying Light, Margie Fischer Live at the Lion were just some of the shows presented during this time.

Fitzgerald will be sharing stories about the vision, bravery, audacity, and tenacity of the Vitals team during this incredible time in the company’s history. Catherine will be joined by Maggie Armstrong, Andrea O’Shea, Irene Tunis, Kerry Reid, Helen Bock, Karen Lawrence and a bevy of inspiring thespians to celebrate and reminisce the halcyon days of Vitalstatistix, National Women’s Theatre.