Lesbian Comedy Gala: A Celebration of our Pride and Joy
Lesbian Comedy Gala

The Inaugural Lesbian Comedy Gala, held in Northcote, in the heart and soul of lesbian ‘hood.

It’s a not-to-be-missed chance to see your people on stage, in a night to remember.

Australia’s finest & funniest gals, in a night of hilarious frivolity, will team up and tickle your gay jeans!

Bring your girl, bring some pals, but don’t miss out on this showcase of comic talent! This is the hottest event in Midsumma.

Warning:this show contains a lot of lesbians, and occasional gay friendly comedians!

The line-up includes:

Hannah Gadsby (deadpan perfection);

Fiona O’Loughlin (one of the most successful & popular comedians in Oz);

Geraldine Hickey (brilliantly funny);

Catherine Deveny (delightfully irreverent);

The Ukulele Ladies (outrageously talented, no song is safe from their side-splitting spin);

Monica Dullard, (her hilarious, perceptive, rapid fire presentation will make you laugh til it hurts);

Pierre & Guido’s World famous Magic Show (clowning at its very finest);

Geraldine Quinn (this rock comedy diva will have you in stitches);

Lori Bell (winner, Adelaide Comedian of the Year);

Cal Wilson (quick witted, warm and bursting with enthusiasm);

Kelly Parry (comedian lezzo mum extraordinaire);

Cath Jamison (Australia’s #1 female magician); and more!


Keep tuned on our websites, JoyFM and your lesbian gossip circles as more hot comedians come on board the ‘Pride and Joy’ Loveboat.’