Part of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, this performance is a powerful achievement.

A performance that engages the audience while highlighting a personal and difficult journey is rare to come by. Kaleidoscope achieves this and much more within a two-hour production.

Kaleidoscope, showing as part of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, follows a young trans man as he navigates through a normal day. Before even leaving his bedroom, the audience is immersed in Gabriel’s deep inner thoughts.

The hosting venue for the show, Kings Cross Theatre, has provided an intimate seating arrangement fitting for the tone of the performance. Gabriel stands on stage and speaks to his reflection in a one-sided conversation. The monologue reveals that Gabriel is struggling to find acceptance from the world, and more importantly, himself.

The cute and quirky location of this performance allows the audience to feel completely immersed in Gabriel’s words. It is as if the seats are set up in his bedroom.

The content speaks strongly to a young audience, especially those struggling with their sexuality and gender identity.

Kaleidoscope is an incredible and powerful achievement that chronicles the painful journey that many in the trans community embark on. Gabriel expresses intense and authentic emotions, allowing Kaleidoscope to transform from words on a page into reality.

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