Dallas Della Force French Maid

Make a bee-line for an evening of Kings, Queens, and in-Betweens with The Crown Jewels Dragstravaganza

“It’s important to remember that you’re born naked, and the rest is drag” RuPaul.

With a mantra of “diversity as the norm” Naughty Noodle Fun Haus is the Central Coast’s own ground-breaking Artist lead home for performance and discourse.

“We have created a Not for profit Arts organisation on the Coast to address the gap in accessible, professional Fringe and Counter-Culture performance and to further intentionally leverage the power of the arts, culture & creativity to serve our community interest while driving a broader agenda for change, growth & transformation through the building of character & quality of place. We are here to Increase exposure to a greater range of voices and perspective including First Nations, different cultures, gender’s, abilities, classes, ages & LGBTQIA+”

Adventurous, unorthodox productions, pioneering artists and game-changers now on our stages, offering local & visiting audiences world-class uncommon offerings that can, and often do, reshape and expand views, I doubt any of us saw the bullet train on the schedule but for the hundreds who have attended their cutting edge, inclusive activations you will agree it was long overdue.

The Naughty Noodle Fun Haus is once again hosting the hottest ticket in town this Queens Birthday long weekend as Australia’s boldest Drag Royalty grab their corgi’s by the guts and make a bee-line to The Everglades @ Woy Woy for an evening of Kings, Queens, and in-Betweens with “The Crown Jewels Dragstravaganza”.

With 3 out of 3 sold-out shows under their belts, and an almost hysterical following of fans at all events, queues lining up at venues in the hope of entry after sell-out shows the 4th performance by “The Noodle” will be its first curated evening of Drag, a full night of gender-bending entertainment in our biggest line up yet!

“Drag isn’t just about a man dressing up in female clothes anymore, Drag blurs gender roles, performative drag moves beyond impersonation of gender to something else entirely, a living, breathing piece of art, which may or may not be poking fun at supposed social norms, this work is creating illusions on multiple layers. Drag has no gender, no age, no colour or ability, its very essence challenges ideals and stereotypes & is only limited by imagination.

“The Crown Jewels Dragstravaganza” features the best contemporary drag artists Sydney & Melbourne have to offer in a curated showcase deep dive into the diverse & satirical world of performative Drag. Qweens Dallas Dellaforce– equal parts glamour, ghoul & goddess, Radha La Bia- Alterna-drag Cultural Storyteller, Jamaica Moana- artist, rapper and writer, Etcetera Etcetera – high energy glamour, Valarie Van Gogh – eclectic and conceptual. Melbourne’s own Drag King Sexy Galexy – the original Glamour Boi. & Local talents Miss Tree Lush, Dynamic & Otherworldly singer/songwriter, our Camp Queen June Richards & our bio Queen hostess Glitta Supernova

The Naughty Noodle Fun Haus is shaking up what all of us may or may not think the Central Coast of NSW is able to produce, deliver and embrace with its curation of sold-out activations from the March Rayon Riot, to Nov “Clambake” & their LGBTIQ showcase partnering with Central Coast Council “Summer Spandex” over the Feb Mardi Gras period.