Caroline and Laurie Hart
Caroline and Laurie Hart

The Women of the L Experience are currently looking for women owned and run businesses to back their iFundWomen campaign

Caroline and Laurie Hart are the co-founders of theLexperience LLC a media/news company with a difference.

The difference being, they only share positive news promoting women for the social good and they are currently looking for women owned and run businesses to back their iFundWomen campaign, to help them continue shining a light on positivity as well as providing much needed personal support.

Caroline: The L experience was born from our own fight for social justice and our objective is to throw positive light into the world, empower women, share our LIFE experiences and also the experiences of women who inspire us.

Through our iFundWomen campaign we are offering some great rewards for women in business to take advantage off. By investing anything from $25 to $5000, you will be helping us to continue providing positive and inspiring news for women, while actually promoting your own business or project. It’s a win win for all women!

Laurie: At our core, we share a wide range of content, from women who have embraced positive lifestyle changes and an enlightened way of living, to activists, artists, musicians, authors and businesswomen, who are all proving anything is possible.

We know it’s important to have someone to talk to and that’s why we offer an online chat facility, Let’s Chat, for anyone who wants to reach us. Since we started it, we have talked to LGBTQ women who wanted to share their difficulties coming out to their families and even rape survivors who wanted advice and support. We are here and are happy to say we have helped some women through difficult times, when they didn’t know who else to turn to.

Caroline: We are determined to grow theLexperience and provide even more services, in the longer term we want to give grants to help other women reach their goals, dreams and potential but this needs investment. We would love to welcome likeminded women to support us and play a part in pushing the boundaries to the positive.

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