Unicorn events producer Delsi Cat launches queer Festival

On Saturday 2 Feb, Unicorns will take over the whole of the Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre to showcase local and international artists across music, performance art, education, visual art, makers and stylists.

The festival will feature over 60 artists with 95% of them being female, non-binary or trans. And who said it was hard to program a diverse festival line up!?

There will be 2 Music Stages, 8 Rooms, 2 Bars, and an outdoor Food, Fashion and Party Prep Market. There will be Live Performances, a Comedy Hour featuring Kirsty Webeck , Speed Dating, Open Mic Comp, Photo-shoots with Alexis Desaulniers-Lea, a Silent Disco, kinky and educational Workshops, a Chill Out Space with Video Games, Craft Corner Delsi Cat relaxing video Projections.

There will be Hair Stylists ready to transform your hair into a Unicorn Horn, Make-up Artists, Body Painters and Eco-Glitter humans on site to help you get prepared before you rave the night away.

Queer, PoC, hip hop artist MicahTron will be flying all the way from San Francisco for ONE SHOW ONLY!

If that isn’t enough, local legends Huntly , SIMONA , Paul Gorrie , Megan Bones , DJ Sezzo , MATKA and Sullivan will be lighting up your eyes, ears and soul!

The Sky Sirens babes from Sydney will be dropping from the ceiling with their sexy aerial routines, Cynthia Spleen Sobraty and Rebecca Murphy will be creating a Live Art Wall and Nevo Zisin will be hosting Unicorns Dating!

This festival is not only about party vibes but is also a chance to get educated! Get a Voguing or Hula Hoop Lesson, learn about the history of Australian sign language, or how to add some kink into the bedroom.

Here’s what Delsi Cat the organiser has to say…

What prompted you to shift from the regular Unicorns parties to the festival?

I wanted to invent an 11-hour queer paradise for us all! After 7 years of Unicorn actions and never being able to fit every sparkly human into the monthly parties, I realised it was time to go bigger!

As a young party muffin, I loved day festivals like Field Day. So I then started imagining what a day fest would look like if it was also ridiculously QUEER!

I wanted to create a queer utopia which combined all the wonderful things about LGBTQIA+ life, such as: quality music, performance art, talks from inspiring speakers, visual art and education. I then decided Unicorns – The Festival needed to happen!

It has taken me literally years to get off the ground but it’s nearly finally here!

What’s been one challenge and one highlight of pulling this event together?

Ohh good question!


I got so excited that I programmed soooo many amazing things – that I am now trying to push it all into the one day.

But I said to myself that I may only ever run one Unicorns Festival so I needed to make it everything we could ever dream of!


Being able to program some big talents like Miss Blanks and MicahTron, who is flying all the way from San Francisco!

Also getting to check out the sound system at the Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre and being blown away by their subs!

I had no idea they had a mammoth sound system tucked away in this beautiful building!

Where do you see Unicorns going from here?

Upwards and beyond!

I’ve kept it no secret that one day I would love to have a whole Unicorns venue! A space where queer people could come any day of the week and live the Unicorns fantasy!

I would also like for Sussanne Barsche from Club Kid NYC fame to give me a buzz and say she wants to collaborate on a giant warehouse party in Bushwick!

AND I also want to create more Unicorns spaces that focus on positive mental and physical health. I’m planning to expand the Unicorns Fitness side of things to incorporate more positive mental health projects – woop!

AND continue to work on further increasing accessibility and education through party spaces.

I think that is all that is swimming around in my head currently hehe.

Any message in particular you’d like me to share, personal comment, etc – just stick it in here and I’ll work it in to the article!

I am so excited to show everyone what I have conjured up for them!

The event is so massive that it’s hard to convey in an event post but I feel like it is going to be a magical, mind opening, life altering adventure.

I also want to make sure that everyone who wants to be there can be there. So there are lots of options for cheap/free tickets. If they head to the FB event they can check these out.