Heaps Gay RoadWerkHeaps Gay has announced the return of their street festival after previous sellout years in 2017/18

Bringing a multi-faceted program, Roadwerk will be heading to Marrickville on January 18th and Newcastle on January 25th.
Following the closure of Newcastle’s only queer focused venue in 2018, Heaps Gay packed its bags and teamed up with the Lass O’Gowrie to make sure the LGBTQ+ community had somewhere to party.

Diversity At The Core of Roadwerk

With diversity of all kinds sitting at the core of Roadwerk, the festival will be partnering with Sydney based youth broadcasters FBi Radio and first nations lead Koori Radio to present the live music program.

Known for hosting immensely talented performance artists and creatives, Heaps Gay and Roadwerk involve a broad range of talent curated by Performance Space. Acting as a waypoint between the queer arts community and broader arts, Performance Space champions emerging creatives through valued programs such as Liveworks, Day for Night and Queer Development Program.