Hannah Malarski, Tasmania's hidden gem in the queer comedy scene
Hannah Malarski, Tasmania’s hidden gem in the queer comedy scene

Hannah Malarski, Tasmania’s hidden gem in the queer comedy scene, triumphantly returns following her sold-out stints at the 2023 Melbourne Fringe and the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Buckle up for a hilarity-filled escapade as BIG DYKE ENERGY reignites for Pride Fest at The Loading Dock Theatre, QTOPIA Sydney.

A fusion of stand-up, sketch comedy, and cathartic release, BIG DYKE ENERGY embarks on a boisterous odyssey of embracing your authentic queer identity amidst a society that often highlights our flaws. It’s a comedic exploration of narrative power and the perils of societal neglect. BIG DYKE ENERGY promises an experience that will not only tickle your funny bone but also provoke thought and encourage you to claim your space—be it on the train home or in life.

For Hannah, the road from coming out to conquering the lingering shame that clings like a persistent, prejudiced shadow has been arduous. BIG DYKE ENERGY confronts themes of pride, guilt, and the redefinition of strength. Yet, despite its bold title, the show extends a warm welcome to all who’ve ever felt out of place or hesitant to show their true colours.

Step into the world of writer, performer, and digital provocateur Hannah Malarski as she plunges into the distinctive challenges faced by queer women. From the cringe-worthy recount of deceiving her former lover to demystifying the eternal enigma: “What’s the real deal with lesbian intimacy?”

Prepare to embrace and radiate your Big Dyke Energy

Big Dyke Energy

Dates & Times: 11th, 12th & 13th June at 6:30pm

Venue: The Loading Dock Theatre, 301 Forbes St, Darlinghurst

Book Tickets https://events.humanitix.com/big-dyke-energy

Cost: General Admission: $35.00