fool_for_love_Final_Portrait_800x600Apart from being married to one of the sexiest women in the world (Jessica Lange – and I don’t care that she’s over 50, she’s still hot), Sam Shepard has also written some of the best plays to come out of North America, one of which happens to be Fool For Love, a turbulent tale of on again off again lovers, May and Eddie.

Holed up in the seediest of motel rooms on the edge of the Mojave Desert, Eddie’s a cowboy who left May for a lady with more class. May, who has been described as Sam Shepard’s first “real” female character, is a tempestuous and temperamental creature who can’t live with or without her man. But at the heart of their tangled relationship lie secrets that are darker than the Desert night and as grimy as the forgotten hotel walls.

As desire and addiction, love, lust and lies collide, Sam Shepard, reveals a middle America that is as unpredictable as the wild west of yesteryear.

Director Imara Savage says, “Not quite content with writing just a play, in Fool for Love Shepard switches deftly between Greek Tragedy, Cowboy Western, film-reviews, Music Video, Opera, and Rock Concert. The intimate setting of Belvoir St Downstairs Theatre amplifies the claustrophobic nature of the piece and puts the audience smack bang in the middle of a dangerous dalliance with nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide, all while the actors play out the worst relationship you have ever dreamed of. This is ‘total theatre’ – a dream project for a director and group of actors.”

Bringing Shepard’s characters to life is a cast of some of Sydney’s best-loved indie theatre actors including Emma Jackson and Terry Serio. Make sure to book a time to catch this theatre classic.

Fool For Love

When: October 2- 24, Tues 7 pm, Wed-Sat 8.15 pm, Sun 5.15 pm

Where: Belvoir St Downstairs Theatre, 25 Belvoir St, Surry Hills

Tix: $32/$24 (Preview $20, Cheap Tues Pay-what-you-can, min. $12)