Oil BabiesA high-octane exploration of our relationship to climate change and the female body.

Repositioning our lives as one on the precipice of a planet dramatically changing – perhaps even the moment before our own extinction – OIL BABIES weighs up our continued “hope-investment” in procreation against our feelings of helplessness at the state of the planet, our role in its demise.

Throughout this piece, the body – in particular women’s bodies – are used as a metaphor to explore our world: our need to control it, our desire to want it to look and be a certain way and, ultimately, our lack of respect for it.

Written and directed by Petra Kalive (Hungry Ghosts, Melbourne Talam MTC) and featuring an all- female cast, OIL BABIES blends lyrical, rapid-fire text with poetic imagery and domestic drama to present a dangerous, pithy and at times darkly comedic work that speaks directly to the concerns we hold now.

OIL BABIES is the latest work to be presented by Lab Kelpie, a not for profit theatre company dedicated to developing, presenting and touring new Australian work.